Project Management for pre-list

Some homes require preparation work prior to going on the market in order to maximise value. This is common if the homes are ex-rental properties, properties that have been "well loved" over the years or where the house is being marketed unexpectedly. ​We consult with our clients and external contacts regarding interior and exterior presentation. We provide a detailed timeline and action list so deadlines can be met. We can also source tradespeople to undertake cosmetic changes to the property and structual improvements. 

Communication in paramount during the pre-campaign process. We collaborate with out clients to ensure that the final finshed product is of the highest possible standard. 


Our services includes a detailed marketing plan suited to each client and property. 

Buyer service management 

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An 18-year multi-buy and sell relationship built on Trust and Openness that equals Success
I sold my house in 7 days. 7 DAYS!!!. From the time the buyer walked into the time the contract was signed...2 Days. 3 reasons. Right Price, Right Marketing, Right People. We priced it right. Id had it for 18 years, my kids had grown up in it and the last 12 years my parents had seen out their twilight years. Everything of the value we had taken from that house in memories of living and loving. We wanted to sell it quickly, so we priced it that way. I had a price, I discussed it with Sharnelle, she suggested $30k more, so we listed it that much higher then what Id be happy with and we sold for $18k more than my goal. Right Marketing. I did everything Sharnelle said, I bought the premium website package, I stripped the house back of household goods and got the house decorator, and I did the fixup jobs that were visually appealing but not expensive Shanelle suggested what we needed to do to our gardens and lightng. One of the keys to success was the buyer database Sharnelle introduced to our property, 2 of Sharnelles buyers made offers within 2 days of the first site inspection.  I've used Sharnelle over 18 years to buy and sell houses and land. I trust her. And I know she delivers results if you listen to her. I never thought about another agent. She was always my first choice. My wife's English is a second language, but Sharnelle worked together with my wife to ensure the best presentation all the time, and Sharnelle also suggested what we SHOULDNT do to preserve a benefit for a potential buyer and to save money. We were selling a property that had character but good bones, there were lots of opportunities to allow a new owner to make it their own and we listened to Sharnelle when she suggested which works could do that and therefore we shouldn't spend money on. I knew Sharnelle would get me what I wanted, And she did. Onward, 

Raymond R      Cornubia